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Changing of the guard

Listen up, folks! It's time to face the harsh reality: your old school accountant is dragging you down, and it's high time you cut them loose.

In this day and age, where technology reigns supreme and innovation is the name of the game, sticking with a traditional, outdated accountant is like clinging to a rotary phone in the era of smartphones.

So, we're here to shoot straight: Buckle up and prepare for a punchy reality check as we delve into the reasons why you need to ditch your old school accountant ASAP!

1. They're stuck in the Stone Age:

Your old school accountant is still living in the dark ages, clinging to outdated methods and refusing to embrace modern technology.

While the world is moving towards automation, cloud-based accounting, and real-time data analysis, your accountant is probably still using paper files, some weird portal that makes it difficult to access anything, and software that is completely outdated.

Here's a test...ask them for a copy of your prior year tax return and see how quickly you receive it.

2. They're slow as molasses:

Ever wonder why your financial reports take ages to prepare? Well, blame it on your accountant's snail-like pace.

Reports should be almost instantaneous. Bank recs should take minutes. Tax organizers should be streamlined.

You get the idea.

Oh, and if there's no online or app access to your documents, then ask why.

3. They're allergic to change:

Innovation? Adaptation? Forget about it! Your old school accountant is terrified of anything new or different.

They resist change like a stubborn mule, refusing to update their skills or explore new software that could streamline your financial processes.

Who needs progress when you can stick to the same old, inefficient methods, right?

4. They only communicate by phone:

Need to get in touch with your accountant? Good luck! Your old school accountant is notorious for being MIA when you need them the most.

Texting? DMs? Portal messaging? Nope. Just the average phone call (and you may even receive a bill for their "time."

In a world that's constantly evolving, there's no room for old school accountants who refuse to adapt.

It's time to break free from the chains of outdated practices and find an accountant who can keep up with the times.

Embrace technology, efficiency, and innovation, and get with a firm like Lincoln that makes things much, much easier.

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