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Hands-free bookkeeping

Hey there,

AI is here, and it's not playing games. Lincoln is at the forefront.

Shameless plug, we know. But here us out: Name another CPA firm that utilizes the tech that we do to make our clients' lives way easier (and save them money).

Most still deal in hard copies, folder files, and software platforms that don't offer any advantages to their clients.

Yup, Artificial Intelligence is storming the world of bookkeeping. And it's about time. Just wait until the 1040 industry is upended.

I digress, though.

Did you know? 84% of e-commerce businesses are now either integrating AI into their operations or having it as a top priority.

Let’s dive straight into the facts.

Can AI do your bookkeeping? Partially. I wouldn't shitcan your CPA or accountant quite yet.

It streamlines specific processes, reducing manual effort. But, it won't completely replace human involvement.

Ok, so what tasks can AI take over?

Basically every task that was mundane, fairly easy, and extremely time-consuming. Think expense categorization, data entry, bank recs, invoicing and billing, data analysis, and even fraud detection.

They sound like a lot, right?

But, here's the deal.

Your traditional bookkeeper might not be the best fit for your e-commerce business.


  1. Costs. AI bookkeeping is way cheaper.

  2. Traditional bookkeeping increases the risk of errors.

  3. Delayed books are a common issue. You don't have to wait for AI.

  4. They often use a generic Chart of Accounts.

  5. Limited data analysis and insights.

  6. Limited scalability.

  7. Zero visibility into your cash flow.

  8. You might be wasting money for numbers you can’t trust.

All these issues are solved with AI bookkeeping.

No more data collection, full visibility into your financials, real-time numbers, and no more spending so much money on correcting inaccurate bookkeeping.

What’s not to love?

There are accounting software options that incorporate aspects of AI to improve their technology., for example, is a real-time AI accounting software for e-commerce.

It's the future, friend.

Click here to learn more about how AI can revolutionize your bookkeeping.

Until next time,


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